Our History


Founded, expanded and developed business system in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Vietnam with establishment of a group of companies namely SAPARIA, LIWU, and open call in Eastern European countries. These companies mainly focused on investing in real estate, supermarkets, shopping malls, markets, residence, telecommunication, services and trade projects.


% shares of Burson Properties Limited (as foreign party) acquired in the joint venture with BOHEMIA CRYSTAL HANOI Joint-venture Co., Ltd (with HAPRO), one of the biggest state-owned enterprises of Vietnam.


HAPRAS VIETNAM founded, investing mainly in real estate and mining projects.


COTECSON purchased (renamed Hoi An Focus) with business in building and operating high-class Almanity retreat, under management of HAPRAS.


HAPRAS IMC, renamed Hapras Hi- Tech, founded, with business in consulting for planning strategies, financing and information technology. HAPRAS IMEXCO was founded with business in mining, processing and exporting mineral products. Business of subsidiary companies have been expanded, developed and maintained. Investment in organic agriculture was started, based on support from advanced biotechnology, electronics mechanical technology, and information technology.

Our Core Team

At Hapras, we has always believe in Sowing and Reaping. Our treasure is a united and capable team who always take initiatives to make a difference and generate quality.

While quality is generated from endless efforts, personality begets difference. Often, gifted people need respect for their work and personality, which is also a key factor to assemble capable individuals sharing similar ambitions