In times of busy lives, noisy environments and high pressure we as the owner of Amanity resort are proud to deliver the highest quality hospitality product in the market. Our resort, in the heart of Hoi An, brings relaxation, experiences, joy and memorable moment to our Vietnamese and international customers alike.


Since 2015, Hapras has studied agricultural applications in depth and invested in the Hipaya project focusing on developing agriculture by combining the research with the latest agri-tech. Our experts focus on producing organic agriculture products that are not only clean and safe but also good for peoples’ health while maintaining the balance of natural ecology systems.


Mineral Exploitation

With many years of experience in mineral exploitation, Hapras has been very successful in preprocessing exploitation sites such as the sandpit at Thang Binh , Quang Nam province to provide material needed in the central area of Vietnam.


Hapras Architecture Construction Joint stock company was established by Hapras holding. The predecessor of this company was the department of project, design, construction management of Hapras holding. Our team members have many experienced years in the position of manager in big companies as well as design agencies. We take responsibility of many work had great scale and high requirements. We also handle planing designs , civil and industry construction, infrastructure which we can be so proud of the quality as well as asthetic taste. 

Significant Projects

Almanity Resort and Spa - Hoi An

Almanity Resort & Spa is located in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Our property offers charming, poetic, welcoming and indulgent experiences. Every detail of the resort is designed to relax our guests and reflect our passion for creating an unforgettable experience.

With an initial investment of 10 mil USD, we pride ourselves in offering something unique; personal journeys that connect our ancient culture with modern Vietnam. From the moment you arrive we welcome you as a member of our family. It is our honor to show you true Vietnamese hospitality.

Although you may visit many other properties during your time in Vietnam, we want the warmth and hospitality of our staff to leave the lasting impression.

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No one said it is easy to grow in an all natural way, but it certainly is the right way to do it.

Hipaya is committed to the cleanest practices to yield the best results.

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Studying and Implementing Technology

The project of studying and impleting technological method in transportation, Image Solve, signal solve, automatic control.

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Hoi An Market

Hoi An Market : Hoi An market is located between 2 main streets of  Hoi An, Tran Phu and Bach Dang. This is one of the most exciting place where gather a great amount of fresh food, local food, souvernir in Hoi An. 

Hapras Presentation

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