United values & aligned vision

Message from the president

A country only prospers once the citizens are given opportunity to work and to have environment to be creative. For people to work, however, there has to be available jobs offered. In this sense, it is crucial that business is encouraged and supported.

Should someone want to create, a free and enabling business environment need to be available. Values of such freedom, hence, should be celebrated and encouraged.


On this basis, business can be regarded as life itself. This means it respects ordinary principles of Sowing and Reaping. While Sowing requires a vision, an ability to take actions, and the responsibility for the future, Reaping requires an ability to serve, and the willingness to give. In this notion, business gives you the feeling of accomplishment when you walk till the end of the path. That moment when we are able to maximize our potential satisfaction for all will occur.

About Hapras, our work has always been in line with such principles of Sowing and Reaping. Our essence is a united and capable team who always take initiatives to make a difference and produce quality. While quality is generated from endless efforts, different personalities need to be taken into consideration. Often, gifted people need respect for their work and personality, which is also a key factor to assemble capable individuals sharing similar ambitions.

In any challenge lies an advantage. This notion has kept our business focus during the last 20 years; in good times and not so good times.
The intent of Hapras is cooperation with you, investors, on our mutual path of pursuing and building similar business and social values. Therefore, in the future, we can be collectively satisfied with what we have achieved in sustainable and successful partnership together.


– Mr. Huynh Tan Binh